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Citizens can be denied fair trials by prosecutors who hide evidence, by evidence that is not discovered at the time of their trial, by judges who misapply the law, and by the ineffectiveness of their trial attorneys.

Every convicted person has a right to challenge their conviction to an appellate court. Federal and state inmates have a right to challenge the constitutionality of their convictions through the filing of a collateral challenge, including the filing of 2254, 2255, habeas corpus and PCRA petitions, even after direct appeals have been exhausted.

Appellate work is technical and demanding. If you were wrongfully convicted, an appeal filed by an experienced appellate lawyer may be your only recourse. Pennsylvania Attorneys Andrew Shubin and Sean McGraw have practiced in federal and state appellate courts for almost two decades. A former prosecutor, Attorney McGraw knows how the prosecution works and can review the state’s case to find errors or oversights. Attorney Shubin has litigated appellate and habeas corpus cases before federal circuit courts, the United States Supreme Court, and state appellate courts. Our attorneys will work with you to craft the best possible challenge to your conviction.

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