BREAKING: Attorney Andrew Shubin files civil rights retaliation lawsuit on behalf of female employee against Penn State University.
Attorney Andrew Shubin files civil rights sexual harassment and retaliation law suit on behalf of a female employee against Philipsburg Osceola School District

Commonwealth Must Establish that PBT Device Callibrated for Use in Underage Trial

75 Pa.C.S. § 1547(c) contains explicit language requiring that, in order to provide “admissible” evidence “breath test devices “shall have been calibrated and tested for accuracy within a period of time and in a manner

specified by regulations of the Departments of Health and Transportation.”

Since the test results were the critical evidence of guilt, the admission of that evidence (uncallibrated PBT) constituted prejudicial error, and appellant is entitled to a new trial.

see: Commonwealth v. Brigidi