BREAKING: Attorneys Andrew Shubin and Sean McGraw fighting corruption and demanding accountability
  • Andrew Shubin and Sean McGraw State College Attorneys

Making A Difference

Andrew Shubin and Sean McGraw became lawyers to help people — moms and dads, students and professors, professionals and workers, citizens and immigrants — in high-stakes battles against powerful government and private sector opponents.

Who We Are

We are passionate trial lawyers. We have a reputation for taking on tough cases and fighting for important causes in state and federal courts. We work as a team, drawing on each other’s respective strengths and many years of experience.

What We Do

Our success depends on being able to effectively tell our clients’ stories, so we invest heavily in getting to know their unique circumstances and needs through attentive, empathic listening. Understanding the stress and disruption brought about by involvement with the legal system, we often refer clients to a trusted network of care providers to help them through the process.

We represent people who have been charged with crimes, students, victims of sexual abuse, victims of civil rights violations, employees and others who have suffered a wrong, an injury, or an injustice at the hands of government or corporate actors.

Our Practice Encompasses

How We Do It

When possible, we intervene early in the case and draw on a wide array of resources — investigators, experts and other professionals — to aggressively set up the best possible outcome. When we represent someone, we care more than just the legal outcome — we care about the whole person. Our commitment to thorough, compassionate representation makes us a different kind of law firm.